The Theory

You know your business better than anyone. You don’t need a system like CorSync to help you understand fitness better. What we can do through CorSync is provide additional data and accountability to keep your clients motivated and making progress toward their fitness goals.

More than Data on a Screen

Clubs are popping up across the country with sleek-looking technology that gives the appearance of providing 21st century workouts, whatever that means. The reality is that in many cases, there’s much less than meets the eye. Nuvita doesn’t just project basic data onto big TV screens. We believe your clients deserve more – and we deliver. Our dashboard provides real-time output for your trainers so they can accurately assess their clients’ progress as they work out – and determine whether they need to pick up the pace.

Maintaining Your Clients’ Momentum

Your studio’s trainers may be the toughest in the business, but they can’t monitor your clients 24/7. Once they leave your facility, there’s no way to determine whether they’re slacking off, or fudging on how hard they’re working out. That’s a nearly guaranteed way for clients to lose momentum because they’re not seeing results. With Nuvita, you have more insight into your clients’ true progress – or lack of progress. Your trainers can help them get real about their training, and re-energize their results.

Harnessing Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) for Maximum Results

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) occurs after short bursts of resistance exertion that cause the body’s muscles to fill with lactic acid, creating a “burn.” At the same time, muscle oxygen stores become depleted. It takes between 16 and 24 hours to restore oxygen levels. During this period, the body burns more calories than it would have during a longer period of exercise at a lower intensity, which can accelerate weight and fat loss. Resistance training also increases endurance, making it possible to exercise longer at lower levels of intensity.
CorSync technology taps into the advantages of EPOC to provide your clients with more effective training sessions through customized workouts. Each workout is geared toward an individual client’s weight, age, health and other factors, providing them – and your trainers – with real data they can use.