The Tech

CorSync leverages top-of-the-line body composition scales and heart rate monitoring technology to give you realtime fitness metrics on your members. Combining monitors that provide in-class displays and a dedicated app co-branded with your facility’s logo, CorSync demonstrates that your studio or gym is outfitted with the latest fitness tech.

The CoreSync Heart Rate Monitor and BodyFat Scale

The CorSync heart rate monitor is based on technology designed by teams from Polar. The system enables you to set personal heart rate based fitness programs and monitor your members progress. The CorSync body fat scale enables you to monitor your clients progress towards their personal weight/fat loss goals.

The Dedicated Branded App

The co-branded smartphone app allows individual users to monitor the progress they’ve made toward their fitness, nutrition and body compostion goals through easy-to-read stats. The app motivates clients to stay engaged while enhancing the effectiveness of workouts and programs designed by your personal trainers.

The TV Monitors and Dashboard

Monitor your clients progress, heart rate zones, intensity levels, calories and more on the big screen during class. You’ll be able to better train your clients with real time data to insure the best possible workout. Get visibility into your client’s exercise habits… in AND out of the gym. Your dashboard will allow you to see whichclients are meeting their goals and which aren’t.The CorSync full-feature dashboard gives you the ability to manage leads and current clients, send emails, order new HR monitors and more.

The Instant Referral Process

That “good tired” feeling that comes at the end of a good workout is the result of serotonin flowing. That’s the ideal time for your clients to recommend your facility to their family members and friends. The dedicated app makes it easy to send instant recommendations that get more people through your doors. Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what Nuvita technology can do for you. Give us a call today!