The Results

As a gym or studio owner, you’ve already put in long hours and a lot of effort into making your facility the very best it can be. You’ve installed top-quality equipment and hired top-notch trainers. But you may be wondering: is there more I should be doing to attract new clients or compete on a level playing field with bigger gyms? Nuvita and CorSync could very well provide the answers you’ve been seeking.

Technology Helps Your Studio Thrive

Sweat and effort are necessary to become a great trainer. Adding Nuvita and CorSync technology allows your facility to take it to the next level. Your trainers will be able to see your clients’ efforts and results in real time. They can use this knowledge to help your facility’s clients make real progress in meeting their fitness goals.

CorSync Increases Sales Revenue

CorSync can enhance your studio or gym’s bottom line both directly and indirectly. First, you can offer our CorSync fitness technology for sale to your facility’s clients to upgrade their training experience. Second, the powerful CorSync referral and new member marketing platform are proven tools to drive new members to your club every month.

Streamlined Referrals

Like many gym or studio owners, you may obtain most of your new clients through word-of-mouth. That makes sense – people trust other people they know more than they trust ads. Nuvita allows you to leverage the power of word-of-mouth by reaching out to your clients when they’re the most pleased with your products and services. We provide your clients with a win-win incentive to share their results with friends and family members.

Level the Playing Field with the Big Gyms

Big gyms have a lot of advantages in technology and service. Nuvita allows small studio owners to level the playing field with our technology, allowing you to focus on what you do best, and what big gyms can’t do – provide personal, one-on-one attention to your clients. Give us a call to learn more about the results you can obtain with Nuvita CorSync!