As a small business owner, you’re well aware that careless spending can put a serious dent in your bottom line. However, integrating Nuvita’s innovative CorSync technology with your facility’s equipment and personal training services is not a cost, but a smart investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Get Started for Less than $1000

Getting started with Nuvita CorSync is surprisingly affordable. The upfront cost is just $970. That’s right. For less than a thousand dollars, Nuvita provides everything your gym or studio needs to offer your clients our innovative technology – and that will allow your facility to stand out from its competitors.

Simple Pricing Structure

Nuvita has kept the pricing structure for the CorSync system simple – and our costs affordable. We provide wearable CorSync units that your facility can offer for sale to your clients. We also charge a modest upfront fee for providing our comprehensive marketing support. Our recurring fee structure is designed to reflect the size of the gym or studio – smaller studios are charged less, but even larger gyms should find our recurring fees to be surprisingly affordable.

An Investment that Pays Dividends

As your trainers use our innovative CorSync technology, they’ll become more efficient, while retaining the hands-on responsiveness your studio’s clients demand. At the same time, your clients will be inspired by the amazing progress they make toward their fitness goals, and you’ll enjoy a boost in your bottom line that will more than recoup the investment you’ve made.

See the CorSync System in Action

If you’re intrigued by the potential advantages of CorSync but you still have questions, give us a call. We’ll set up a demo to allow you to see how CorSync works, up close. We’ll also respond to your concerns about setup and financing. There’s no obligation – so why wait?