Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of fitness-related wearables. You may wonder whether incorporating fitness technology would be useful for your facility. You may even be considering Nuvita CorSync. The list below includes some of the most common questions we receive from prospective clients about our technology.

How Much Does the Nuvita CorSync System Cost?

Nuvita makes the CorSync system very affordable. You can get started for just $700. We also charge modest up-front fees for marketing and for individual CorSync wearable units that you can sell to your clients for a profit. Nuvita’s affordable recurring monthly fees vary according to the size of your facility.

Is the CorSync System Complicated to Set Up or Use?

The most innovative technology in the world is of little benefit if it’s too complex for anyone to understand. Nuvita makes it easy to set up the CorSync system – and easy for your clients to use. Anyone who can use a smartphone can use CorSync.

Will My Facility’s Trainers and Members Really Go Along with This?

Once your facility’s trainers witness the benefits they receive from using the CorSync system, they’ll definitely be on board. And your clients will be inspired to push even harder toward their fitness goals as CorSync helps them visualize their progress.

Who Else Provides this Type of Service?

Nuvita doesn’t pretend to be the only company providing fitness-related technology, but the CorSync system is unique. In addition to innovative tech, Nuvita acts as an active partner with your gym or studio to seamlessly incorporate the CorSync system. Your trainers can function more efficiently while also concentrating on providing hands-on support for your clients.


We hope the FAQ above has answered some of your questions about Nuvita CorSync. If you want to know more, give us a call. We’re eager to show you how our system can help take your studio or gym to the next level!