Advanced Challenge && Coaching Platform

Scale Your Fitness Business

After ten years and tens of thousands of clients, we’ve developed the most advanced platform to scale fitness and wellness offerings.  With CorSync, you will deliver an amazing experience, accelerate personal results,  attract many new clients and do it all in less time.  

Deliver an amazing client experience and accelerate their personal results.

Significantly grow your business by delivering your personal programs to an unlimited number of new clients anywhere.

Scale your business and have a greater impact in less time.

Live Stream Your Workouts and Classes

Deliver your amazing workouts and classes on-demand to clients anytime and anywhere.
What happens if a member can’t make it to the gym?  Sick child.  Traveling.  Busy at work?  Before now, they would have to “fend for themselves”, or worse, use a competing product like the daily burn.  With CorSync, your members can stay connected with your club and not miss a workout.

  • Broadcast your classes or workouts live with the CorSync metrics (heart rate zones, calories, etc)
  • Members can view the live class on any device, anywhere
  • Not just a video, it’s an interactive workout with real-time metrics and leaderboards

If Clients can’t make a live broadcast, they can view any number of your classes or workouts from your on-demand library.

Engaging Personal Programs

With CorSync you will give your members holistic and personal programs based upon their unique goals and preferences.   Give your clients the personal approach and let CorSync do the heavy lifting.   

  • Personal Fitness:  Heart rate zone based program customized to your clients goals (weight loss, performance, general health) and their fitness level (beginner to athlete).
  • “Anti Diet” Personal Nutrition:  Use your programs.  Use our templates or challenges.  Offer great nutrition programs and tracking through our app.
  • Body Composition:  Most of your clients have a body weight/composition goal.  They are twice as likely to reach their goals if the regularly measure their progress.  CorSync makes it easy to set the right goals and monitor progress.

With CorSync, you’ll have the tools and programs to deliver an amazing solution that will appeal to a wide range of today’s consumers while elevating you significantly past your competitors.

Virtual Coaching – Deep Connections with Clients – Anytime

There are 168 hours in each week.  How many hours are your members in your facility? How are you staying connected during the majority of the time they are not in your gym?  With CorSync you will stay connected with your members in deep meaningful ways throughout the week:

View your clients progress towards the goals you’ve set from your smartphone or web app.  Easily send motivating communications to individual clients or groups enabling you to have a greater impact in less time.  Insure your clients are doing their “fitness homework.”

The Right Tech For You and Your Members

There are many fitness apps and wearables on the market today.   CorSync is the only solution designed from the ground up with YOUR members and YOUR trainers in mind.  Give your members an amazing personal experience that drives results while giving your trainers more time to have a greater impact.

Member App and Fit Devices

Finally, all the fitness apps in one. CorSync will give your members a personal app with all the right tools. Custom HR based exercise for all your workouts (cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga, etc). Flexible Nutrition programs made easy that covers the basics, or as detailed as you like.  Plus, body composition, social features and power coaching features.

Trainer App and Dashboards

Provide rich coaching and personal attention to your members throughout the week. Set their goals, monitor their progress in real time and deliver personal coaching feedback and accountability. Have a tremendous impact while being efficient with your time.

Group Training Metrics

Be able to provide personal feedback and coaching during group class with real time metrics.  Chose the modes that are right for the class objectives (heart rate zone, calories, intensity, leader board.   Fun, social and friendly competition with delivering better results with personal science.

Results Matter Most!

Fitness Professionals have used the CorSync platform to impact the health and fitness of tens of thousands of individuals.   CorSync is designed to give you the most powerful tools to have the greatest impact on your members.   Touch your members throughout the week with personal education, motivation and accountability.  

Holistic Programming. Exercise, Nutrition and Body Composition

Set the right personal short term goals

Track your members progress and Celebrate their Success

Leverage the “Amazon Effect”

Our lives and expectations as consumers have changed dramatically in the past few years with the wide adoption of disruptive services like Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Peloton.  

In this new world, your members have new expectaions: 

  • Technology that makes the experience personal, convenient and connected
  • Services on demand and on their time
  • Fast results with a community

With CorSync, you’ll have the tools and programs to deliver an amazing solution that will appeal to a wide range of today’s consumers while elevating you significantly past your competitors.

Crush Your Competition

CorSync will give you the most advanced fitness technology that will delight your members and empower your trainers.  By providing CorSync’s personal fitness programs, virtual coaching, on demand training with the industries leading tech, you will elevate your programs and stand way out in front of the competition.  

New Revenue with Premium/VIP Memberships

Adding CorSync will give you the ability to offer an optional premium / VIP membership.

  • Personal Heart Rate Zone Program
  • CorSync App and Monitor
  • Unlimited Live Classes – join from anywhere
  • On-demand library of live classes – workout anytime
  • Monthly nutrition challenge
  • Body composition goals and tracking
  • VIP fitness and nutrition coaching
  • VIP community


25, 50, 100+ New Members.

80% of the population does not belong to a fitness center.  After adding CorSync to your membership, we’ll help you launch two membership programs that will significantly grow your clients by attracting a new group of prospects who wouldn’t normaly consider being a member at your club.    

Corporate Wellness Offering
Nationwide Member Referral Program


Double Your PT Revenue

According to IHRSA, the two biggest reasons you don’t have more PT clients are:  1) Cost and 2) Convenience.   With CorSync and our Virtual Coaching platform, we’ll help you solve these issues by offering a whole new class of personal training packages that will appeal to a much larger audience while delivering an amazing experience and personal results.