It's Time to Get in Sync

Nuvita CorSync gives you deep insight into your clients’ fitness level and activity - in real time - while giving you, your trainers and your gym a new revenue stream using the latest in heart rate technology.

Hear from the Experts

Tap into Your Client's Rhythm

Tailor each and every workout to your members' personal fitness level using real-time heart rate data. Whether you’re leading a spin class or coaching a personal training client one-on-one, Nuvita CorSync will enhance your training. You'll be able to track their absolute heart rate, percent to max heart rate and calorie burn. You'll know when to tell them to push it, or when to take a breath.

Individual and Class Intelligence Metrics

Get a deeper view into your clients’ fitness journey with smart metrics:

Calorie Burn

Easily track calorie burn for the individual, based on their height, weight and age.

% to Max Heart Rate

Get an immediate visual of your clients' effort level by viewing their percent to max HR.

Intensity Points

Encourage classes to go harder with intensity. The higher their heart rate, the more points they earn.

Big Screen, Big Results

CorSync enables trainers to give their clients extremely customized training according to their body and fitness level. Trainers can also pick and choose which metrics to highlight during their class. CorSync features four class modes, including:

Calorie Burn Mode - Focus on Burning Calories
% to Max Heart Rate Mode - Focus on heart rate intervals
Intensity Mode - Focus on raising the heart rate
Zone Mode - See which modes the heart is spending time in

EPOC Training

Normal Workout

During a normal workout, a typical heart rate graph is a steady incline and sharp decline, meaning that the body only burns calories above baseline 2-3 hours after the exercises are complete.

CorSync Workout

Using CorSync's technology, you can guide your participants through workouts that maximize EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). The EPOC Effect from a HIIT or high intensity interval training workout can increase total energy expenditure by 6% to 15% above traditional workouts. In other words, you'll burn more calories for up to 24-36 hours past the end of your workout.

Boost Your Club's Revenue Today

Getting setup with Nuvita CorSync is simple, and we'll help you through every step. We'll help you bring your current members on board, while driving new business into your doors. Our turnkey solution to boosting your club's revenue while advancing your training and in-club technology is only a few steps away.

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