Like many small studio or gym owners, you may operate on a strictly limited budget. As a result, you might be inclined to ignore marketing your business. But the hard truth is that it is nearly impossible to grow any type of business without promotional efforts. The good news is that there are easy, effective strategies to get your company’s name out there – without breaking the bank.


  • Have an Elevator Pitch Ready to Go: People have short attention spans – the average is only about six or eight seconds. If you find yourself face-to-face with a potential customer or someone who can send paying customers your way, you’ll need to have an appeal ready that will inspire him or her to spread the good word about your company. It’s OK to rehearse, but try to avoid an obviously canned delivery.
  • Be a Good Neighbor: Sponsoring a team or community event is an ideal way to cultivate good will and get your company’s name prominently displayed. Sponsorship can mean anything from purchasing uniforms for a little league team or allowing participants in a 5K run to do strength training in your gym or studio.
  • Form Strategic Partnerships: Sharing expenses such as promotional flyers or sharing social media space with a fellow small businessperson who is not in competition with you allows you to stretch your marketing dollars. You may even obtain referrals from your collaborative partners.
  • Network, Network, Network: Job seekers are often advised to rely heavily on networking. As a small business owner, you should do the same. Meeting people and making conversation is one of the best ways to form connections. Those connections are among the best possible leads for paying customers.
  • Take the Stage: Like many people, you may have a fear of speaking in public. Try to get over it. Addressing groups and sharing your hard-earned experience is one of the best ways of establishing yourself as an industry expert. You don’t have to be entertaining – just convey what you know in an accessible manner and your audience will appreciate the effort.
  • Be Newsworthy: Organizations like PR Newswire allow subject matter experts (that’s you!) to serve as sources for online and print media writers. It’s easy to set up a profile so that reporters contact you, or you can respond to email appeals for experts on specific topics. Either way, it’s a great way to showcase yourself as an expert, and get your facility’s name out to the public.
  • Leverage Customer Referrals: You may obtain a significant proportion of new clients from word-of-mouth referrals. Why not leverage them? Ask customers for permission to feature their remarks in your promotional materials. How to get referrals in the first place? Just ask. Many customers are happy to provide referrals upon request.
  • Cultivate Relationships with Existing Customers: Keeping existing customers is much easier than finding new ones. Stay in touch with your clients through email campaigns and marketing. Keep them posted about new developments, such as recently purchased equipment or special pricing.
  • Offer Money-Saving Coupons: Offer a percentage-off or a discount coupon for referring a friend or neighbor. Coupons good for discounts on future visits are a good way to generate repeat business.
  • Provide Something for Nothing: It may seem counterintuitive to give away valuable services or products when you’re trying to generate revenue. However, allowing potential customers to “try before they buy” makes them more comfortable putting down their hard-earned cash.

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