Nuvita - developing the tools and technology to impact the health of our nation.

Nuvita CorSync - helping fitness & wellness professionals thrive.

Nuvita Enterprise - helping business and their employees thrive.

Our Passion

For over 10 years we’ve had the privilege of working with many of our nations greatest organizations providing our tools, programs, technology and expertise to deliver dramatic improvements in the health of their employees and clients. At Nuvita, we’re passionate about developing the science and technology that will impact the health of our nation.

Nuvita CorSync

CorSync’s advanced Coaching Platform will empower you to provide the absolute best coaching experience that drives amazing client results. We partner with fitness and wellness professionals to dramatically grow their business with premium/VIP memberships and new virtual coaching products that add new clients and increases training revenue.

Nuvita Enterprise

Nuvita Enterprise Wellness has helped over 200 organizations improve the health and wellness of their employees.  Our solutions include a wide range of employee centric programs, incentive management and data analytics.  Our outcomes based approach will deliver measurable improvements in your employes health and  your bottom line.